Become a provider

More and more users choose to use Moneta instead of cash or cards. Moneta is practical to use in stores, restaurants, taxis, delivery services, occasional stalls, vending machines, online stores, etc. Let Moneta be your payment in the palm of your hand.

Choose the technological solution suited to your point of sale and become a Moneta provider, the state of the art means of non-cash payments with mobile phones, that allows:

  • a competitive edge: over 1.8 million people use mobile phones through Telekom Slovenije or A1.
  • countless advantages with no extra costs: we provide free consulting, equipment installation, and also list your company on the Moneta website.

Terms and conditions

You can become a Moneta provider if you fulfill the following conditions. You need:

  • a business transaction account (TRR) that is also registered in the Slovenian Business Register of AJPES, and
  • a Slovenian tax number.

By entering a partnership agreement you are also bound by the terms and conditions of said agreement. These are the key terms:

  • As a Moneta provider you are contractually bound to clearly mark your point of sale with the Moneta insignia (stickers for POS and other items), which we provide free of charge. You can also mention Moneta in your marketing communication, however, you have to use its official image.
  • You are required to issue a receipt of the transaction that serves as an invoice after every purchase or payment with Moneta.


If you are interested in becoming a Moneta provider, you can call: