Technological solutions

Moneta’s technological solutions are mainly aimed at all of those who understand the importance of seeking out new ways to ensure customer satisfaction. With regard to what/to whom/when/why you are providing Moneta as an alternative means of payment you can opt for one or more of Moneta’s solutions.

Go for the solution that is best suited to your point of sale.

Moneta Vending machines

Moneta for vending machines is suitable for payments at automated points of sale.

Moneta Internet

Moneta is the most secure means of paying for online content, services, and products. It also allows providers to issue invoices.

Moneta Terminals

Moneta Terminals is suitable for paying in stores, restaurants, taxis, and other service and product providers. It can also be used for paying a part of student meals.

Moneta for Telephone sales

Moneta for Telephone sales provides buyers with a fast purchase, as they can order and pay in a couple of steps with their mobile phone.

Moneta SMS

Moneta SMS provides a payment solution for simply charging services via text messages and USSD command strings.

Moneta eTerminals

You can provide simple and fast payment with Moneta at a physical point of sale (cash register or an automated point of sale).

Moneta Ticket

Moneta can be used on bus rides to simply and quickly pay for a fare.

Moneta mTerminal

Moneta mTerminal is an Android app that provides a fast and simple method of accepting payments. Your mobile phone is your cash register.