Means of payment

Moneta allows you to simply and securely pay at over 1,000 points of sale all over Slovenia. You can pay using one of several methods depending on the type of the POS. Make use of different shopping options provided by your mobile phone.

How does paying with Moneta work?

Means of payment

Moneta payments are executed by means of data transfer from the provider’s point of sale to Moneta’s processing center, the central hub of the Moneta system, and back.

When making a payment, users connect to the processing center via their mobile phone, which then authorizes the purchase. User data is available to the processing center, but not to the Moneta provider.

The payment procedure differs depending on the type of point of sale (method). Moneta allows you to:

  • use Moneta Internet,
  • use Moneta Terminals, pay for the remainder of student meals,
  • use Moneta e-Terminals,
  • use Moneta Vending machines,
  • use Moneta for Telephone sales,
  • buy the Moneta Ticket,
  • use Moneta SMS ...

Any questions on Moneta?

Call your Moneta issuer at the toll-free number:

  • Telekom Slovenije: 041 700 700
  • A1: 080 40 40 40
  • Nova KBM: 080 17 50