User identification and security

Moneta provides and ensures a high level of security.

Identifikacija uporabnika in varnost

For Moneta users who use the service through their mobile operator the main ID is their mobile phone number.

Payment can be additionally secured by activating a security PIN code that you can activate, deactivate, or change at any time. The activation procedure is very simple. Enter the following command string into your mobile phone:

  • *134*desired PIN# and confirm by pressing the call key.
  • The security PIN code is optional and can be selected at will.

For Moneta bank users the main forms of ID are their

  • personal Moneta number (MPN) and
  • the password for activating the personal Moneta number (MPP) which you can find on your Moneta Certificate.

In case your mobile phone gets lost or stolen, you simply deactivate Moneta by activating it on a different phone number.

The activation procedure is simple, with the entry of the command string: *189*personal Moneta number (MPN)*password for activating the personal Moneta number (MPP)#. Alternatively you can call the 1800 number and follow the voice prompts.

Additional security is also provided by the technology used in the Moneta system and other security elements (security PIN code for Moneta).

Any questions on Moneta?

Call your Moneta issuer at the toll-free number:

  • Telekom Slovenije: 041 700 700
  • A1: 080 40 40 40
  • Nova KBM: 080 17 50