Moneta was created in 2001 and is a joint brand of Telekom Slovenije and Nova KBM bank. Establishing the Moneta brand and system was a cutting edge feature in payment transactions as well as mobile technology. Globally this type of payment is still perceived as a new thing rather than as a common practice, however Slovenia is the success story of a pioneering service that has over the years attracted many users and providers who continue using it loyally to this day.

Market presence

  • 2012
    The new technological solution Moneta mTerminal is implemented
  • 2011
    The entire Mercator chain joins Moneta
  • 2010
    The entire Engrotuš chain joins Moneta, together with its stores, beauty shops, and Tuš oil and gas stations.
    Student meals: paying for the remainder of the meal with Moneta
  • 2009
    New issuer A1;
    Petrol and all its gas stations join Moneta;
    LPP: paying bus fares with Moneta
  • 2008
    Implementation of Moneta SMS, Moneta SMS, push and Moneta eTerminals (WEB, API and MOB)
  • 2007
    New issuer Poštna banka Slovenije (PBS);
    Introduction of Moneta for Mobi prepaid users, and two new services: Mobi pocket money and Mobi Moneta
  • 2006
    New participants in the expanding Moneta system
  • 2005/12
    Mobi top-ups with Moneta
  • 2005/05
    Moneta for Telephone sales
  • 2005/02
    Advertising campaigns (Telekom Slovenije, Nova KBM)
  • 2004/06
    New generation Moneta system (more issuers, Moneta as a banking service)
  • 2003/04
    Telekom Slovenije partners with Nova KBM
  • 2002/08
    The first Moneta Terminals
  • 2002/05
    The first Moneta Vending machines
  • 2001/06
    Moneta is created at Telekom Slovenije as an online micropayment system

Moneta can be used by most of the Slovenian population at over 10,000 points of sale.

Any questions on Moneta?

Call your Moneta issuer at the toll-free number:

  • Telekom Slovenije: 041 700 700
  • A1: 080 40 40 40
  • Nova KBM: 080 17 50