Advantages of Moneta

Advantages of Moneta

Moneta is a handy, simple, and secure means of payment in the palm of your hand. It provides you with many shopping options and a broad network of points of sale all over Slovenia. Providers are convinced by its extensive user base and the variety of different kinds of points of sale.

What makes Moneta a means of payment in the palm of your hand?

If you are a user

  • Moneta is a practical, secure, and simple means of payment with your mobile phone.
  • You always carry your phone with you.
  • You can use it to pay even when you are not able to use your payment cards, an ATM is too far, or when cash is not a suitable means of payment.
  • It is a deferred non-cash payment. You settle your bill once a month.
  • Moneta is already activated for Telekom Slovenije and A1 users.
  • Moneta bank users can use it to pay from their private, company, or authorized account.
  • You can also use Moneta to pay substantial sums.
  • You can pay with Moneta with your company phone.
  • Students can use Moneta to pay for the remainder of their subsidized meals.
  • There are over 1,000 available points of sale.

If you are a provider

  • Moneta provides you with payment through 8 different methods (cash and cards usually provide only two of them).
  • Moneta guarantees that you receive payment.
  • It saves you the trouble and costs of conducting business with other parties.
  • Moneta has an extensive user base. Moneta is available to most of the Slovenian population: Telekom Slovenije and A1 users, and clients of Nova KBM.
  • This payment instrument is automatically activated for all users.
  • It provides you with the option of issuing invoices and in some cases also shipping costs.

Any questions on Moneta?

Call your Moneta issuer at the toll-free number:

  • Telekom Slovenije: 041 700 700
  • A1: 080 40 40 40
  • Nova KBM: 080 17 50